Tiny House Furniture: The Best Furniture for Small Spaces

by Tessa Hobart | LAST UPDATED August 18, 2021

tiny house furniture
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Owning a tiny home has a lot of advantages. You’ve already saved a lot of money on the construction itself; your electricity bills are generally lower since you don’t have so many rooms to power up, and you have a lot of square footage to take advantage of on your property.

Of course, there are also a few disadvantages, key among which are that you don’t have a lot of free space inside the house. Luckily, there are plenty of tiny house furniture ideas that can really help you optimize all of the floor space that you have.

Tiny House Furniture

As the name might suggest, the items that we’re going to go over are the best pieces of furniture you can get for your small home due to them being incredibly useful, as well as saving space.

We’ll try to include as many multipurpose items as we can; however, the most crucial aspect that we’re going to be focusing on is the compact nature of the items and making sure that doesn’t take away from their main purpose.

What we mean by this is that we’ll try to include items whose only point isn’t to save space but also take a look at how practical they actually are. So, for example, a hammock or a simple camping cot bed will leave you with plenty of extra space in your bedroom, but both of those options will put your spine in a twist before you can say, “I’d rather sleep; on the floor.”

We’ll also list items for most of the rooms in your small home aside from the bathroom. That’s for the simple reason that there really isn’t much need or room to put any sort of furniture there unless you need a chaise lounge to lie on while you dry your hair.

All joking aside, we’ll divide the tiny home furniture by where they fit in your living space, and we’ll also list a few different choices that you have when it comes to items like beds or dining tables.

Folding Table

Folding Table

Speaking of dining tables, tiny house living isn’t exactly compatible with large tables, which means that you’ll have to find something that can be expanded when you need to eat and folded up and tucked away where it won’t take up any space in your dining room.

Winsome Trading, Inc. 89332 is exactly that. The table comes with two bar stools that can easily fit under the tabletop, two small drawers for utensils on the side, and a semi-circular side table on one side that can be lifted up so that you’ll get more space to work with.

This table also comes with wheels on the legs for easy mobility, and it can either work as a small bar for your drink or a decently sized table where two people can easily sit and enjoy their meal.

You can also get a Phutto Goodluck Round Drop Leaf Table, which gives you a bigger tabletop to work with, and actually takes up less space when it’s folded. Unfortunately, this foldable table doesn’t come with any chairs, but that shouldn’t be too hard for you to fix.

Coffee Table

When it comes to coffee tables, the only actual note that we have is whether or not they have a small shelf beneath the tabletop. This might not seem like an important feature in regular circumstances, but any additional storage space is always welcome when you live in a small home.

Seeing as how our requirements aren’t really high at all, you can pretty much pick out any IKEA table, like this standard black-brown coffee table. You’re free to go on Amazon and pick out any other table that you might like to place in front of your TV; just make sure that it’s compact and can give you that one additional shelving option we mentioned.

Kitchen Appliances

We weren’t exactly sure whether or not to put in a section on appliances in our furniture article, but we decided to compromise and simply add a few words on the subject instead of listing any items.

Kitchen appliances are predominantly quite large, and both the dishwasher and the standard washer take up far too much space for them to be viable in any small home kitchen—not to mention that the oven needs a lot of room as well while being much more important.

If you’d like a few recommendations, then you might want to check out our article on portable dishwashers, portable clothes washers, and small ovens that would be a perfect fit for just about any home.

Living Room Couch

Living Room Couch

You can easily get a simple couch for your living room, but we’d really recommend getting something multifunctional like a futon sofa bed. Our reasoning is simple: if you have guests over, they can simply use the futon, and at any other time, this will act like any other regular couch.

Of course, you also have the option of getting something like a regular couch for your living room and simply buying a foldable guest bed for the occasions when someone needs to sleep over.

The problem would then be that the foldable bed still takes up quite a bit of space even while folded up, and most of them really aren’t all that comfortable. This is why we consider the futon to be the best piece of living room furniture for any tiny home.


When it comes to choosing a tiny house bed, there are actually quite a few items that would be a perfect fit for just about any bedroom. We’ll go over them one by one, and we’ll leave the ultimate choice up to you.

Wall Bed

A wall-mounted bed is essentially the best way to save space in your home. You can get a large comfortable mattress to sleep on, and you’ll be able to put it away when you’re not using it to give yourself more room to move around in your bedroom or wherever you’ve set it up.

There are essentially two types of wall beds: the Murphy bed and the built-ins. 

The Murphy Beds are the most well-known and comfortable wall beds on the market. They come with a great mattress and cabinets on both sides for storage purposes.

The built-ins are mounts that you attach by yourself and use to affix a mattress of your choice to a cabinet that you can pull the bed down from. 

The standard Murphy Beds are the better choice, but they cost just under $4,000. While the wall mounts are still Murphy products, they’ll come in at under $100. The choice depends on how good you are with a screwdriver.

Storage Bed

tiny house furniture storage beds

A storage bed is quite simply any standard queen or king-sized bed that has compartments underneath. You can either go for the Novogratz Kelly Bed with the one large compartment on either side or something like the Prepac Full Mate's Platform Storage Bed that has six smaller storage drawers on the bottom.

Having the extra storage space under the beds means that you won’t have to cram a dresser in your bedroom, and you can simply get something like the freestanding Rolanstar Hall Tree to hang your pressed clothes on; place everything else under your bed.

Loft Bed

A loft bed shares the same basic principle with bunk beds except that it has no lower level. Instead, this sort of bed allows you to sleep above ground and place everything from a bookshelf to a desk and home office setup underneath the bed itself.

If you’re single, you could go for the Walker Edison Orion, but if you’re living together with your partner, then you might want to get something a bit larger, like the DHP Abode.


Not all of the choices that we listed are the peak of modern design, but we stand behind them. Simply put, all of the tiny house furniture items on our list will allow you to get the most out of the limited square feet that you have in your home, and that’s all that matters in our eyes.

Tessa Hobart
Tessa Hobart moved into her first tiny home (a trailer in her uncle's backyard) when she was 19. Without giving away her age, she now has many years of tiny home experience and is currently designing an A-Frame as a second off grid home. She lives with her husband and enjoys card games and mountain biking.

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